Practice Management Specialists

We have the knowledge and expertise to take the hassle out of your medical practice, saving you time and money!

Starting a

New Private Practice?

Starting a Private Practice can be daunting.
Precision has the experience and knowledge to make the transition easy and hassle-free.

Why Choose Precision

Comprehensive Service for All Specialties

We offer tailored management solutions for all medical specialties, ensuring that your practice receives the support it needs.

Personalized Countrywide Support

Precision has offices in Gauteng and the Western Cape and supports clients countrywide through MedEBill and personal service!

Affordable Pricing

We provide competitive pricing options to fit your unique budget, without compromising on quality.

Advanced Technology

We stay up to date with the latest technological advancements in the industry to offer you the best tools and services available.


Precision Medical Solutions is a Medical Practice Administration Company offering medical specialists a professional comprehensive management service. Established in 2008 it supports clients countrywide with offices in Gauteng and the Western Cape. The staff of Precision Medical Solutions form an integral part of the company and are led by a diverse management team with both the financial and medical expertise necessary to understand the intricacies of a successful medical practice.


Precision Medical Solutions has a proven track record of offering a one-stop service for over 12 years.

Pre-operative Cost Estimates and Informed Patient Consent

Provision of cost estimate and obtaining informed consent from patient pre-operatively.

MedEbill program

Our MedEbill program offers an efficient medical billing solution that simplifies the billing process and improves revenue management for medical practices.

Hassle-free Medical Billing and Claim Submission

Billing and submission of claim to medical funders and patients.

Comprehensive Debt Collection Services

We provide comprehensive debt collection services to help practices recover outstanding debts, ensuring that they receive the payments they are owed.

Provision of monthly reports

We provide monthly reports to help practices gain insight into their financial performance and make data-driven decisions for growth and success.

Liaison with client auditors

We facilitate communication and cooperation between our clients and their auditors, ensuring a seamless audit process and providing expert support throughout.

The Precision Advantage

01. No hidden costs.

One Fee based on money banked and requirements of the medical practice.

02. Comprehensive monthly reports

Our comprehensive monthly reports provide a detailed overview of your business’s performance, allowing you to make informed decisions for growth and success.

03. Custom Packages

Various packages tailored to your practice needs.

04. MedEbill program

Submit work, and complete patient estimates, search engines, coding guidelines, and clinical notes.

05. Paperless practice

Our paperless practice solutions eliminate the need for paper-based systems, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency for a more sustainable future.

06. POPI Compliance

Our POPI compliance services ensure that your business meets regulatory requirements, protecting your practice and patients’ personal information.

07. Sourcing of work

We help the practice team streamline their workload.

08. Complete segregation of duties

Our complete segregation of duties approach ensures that different individuals handle different aspects of a task, reducing the risk of errors and fraud.


MedEBill is a unique web-based application developed for Precision Medical Solutions.

What Our Clients Say

I regard my association with Precision as being amongst the rare privileges that make my life so simple and enjoyable. Many thanks for all your concern and help.
“I must admit I am blown away by your company’s value system, the manner in which you are dealing with my account is truly exemplary.”

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