We understand that starting out in Private Practice can be very daunting, however, Precision has the necessary experience and knowledge to make the transition easy and hassle-free.

We offer the following services tailored to the Anaesthetist new to Private Practice:

  • Advice and assistance in obtaining your practice number at BHF
  • Knowledge of the documents required by medical funders to load a new practice on their system
  • Completion of medical aid registration documentation for new practices
  • Submission to the medical aids of new practice information
  • Advice on the benefits and drawbacks of the medical aid payment arrangements offered to service providers
  • Explanation of prescribed minimum benefits and the practicalities of dealing with PMB claims in practice
  • Provide coding advice and make available in-house coding manuals drawn up by anaesthetists with 20 years industry experience
  • Assistance and advice with coding and all aspects of billing for the practitioner new to Private Practice
  • Introduction to and explanation of management reports and practice management

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation on how Precision can help you make the best of Private Practice!